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When you join the Wine Club at Farmshop, you are invited to indulge in wines that are not your mainstream beasts. They are small production made by people, not by factories. As the Sommelier at Farmshop I believe in investing in future generations and to me, that means, investing in people, real people, making real wine. I strive to introduce you to some of the lesser known greats, tell you their stories, and most importantly, excite your palate.

I feel like there is no better time than our current lives, living through this pandemic, going through it together, to begin exploring outside of our comfort zones. We are already so far away from our "old normal" comforts, why not begin to explore some lesser known varietals with a pinpoint on small production wine making rockstars. 

I would like to celebrate varietal diversity in California. The lineup of growers and winemakers that we work with are top of their class, making some of the most interesting and sought after wines in the US, working with grapes very familiar in the old work but new to California, perpetuating varietal diversity, and redefining California wine. We are extremely lucky to live amongst and represent so many rebels.


I am hoping that this diverse wine club will be a new frontier for people who like to learn and love to drink good juice. I find my true passion in opening other's eyes to something that they would have normally not selected on their own. Being a Sommelier who's roots are in European wine, I love to see the indigenous grapes of the old world shining in the California Terrior. These wines also allow new, younger winemaker the ability to produce wines without the commitment of owning vines and land. This forces the winemakers to explore their talents and extend their knowledge that although rare here in California, are certainly not completely unheard of in our soils. They each have great histories in the Old World, but their story is still young and chock full of potential. So are the group of impassioned winemakers taking on these grapes, representing the spirit of California

The Perks:

- Exclusive invitations to wine club events

- 10% discount off any non-alcohol items in the Farmshop Market

- 15% off any re-purchases of wine club wines at retail price

Three or six wines that meet our strict standards and are super delicious, along with the stories and tasting notes that bring each wine to life.  

How it Works:

Keep the fun wines flowing! A unique mix of the best wines from around the world, every month. You can skip, pause or cancel anytime contacting your wine club associate at least 24 hours before the next billing cycle.

Your shipments are charged on the 1st of the shipment month, and wines are ready to be picked up around the 5th of the shipment month. If you join mid-cycle, you'll get the current wine mix ASAP and start monthly collections with the next cycle.  


You'll have the option of picking up your wine in person in our market at any time.


Please note: Any wines that are not picked up within 3 months, will be returned to our inventory.




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